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Eddie and Anita Beck
1277 Double Gate Road
Davidsonville, MD  21035
We offer Alfalfa Chaffhaye by the bag, half pallet, or full pallet. 
Email us at sweetgardenfarm@verizon.net for pricing,
or call Eddie on 301-518-3384.

Having trouble obtaining good quality hay?  Frustrated with the
amount of waste with regular baled hay?  Try Chaffhaye!

There's a lot to love, and a lot to know about Chaffhaye.
The best place to get all of the information you need is the Chaffhaye website.

Sweet Garden Experience

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats absolutely love Chaffhaye.  They run us over trying to get
to it.  We feed about two pounds per milking doe per day in two feedings.  So, for our six
milkers we put out six pounds of Chaffhaye in the morning, and six pounds of
Chaffhaye in the evening.

We feed it to kids free choice starting at about two weeks old.  They don't eat much
at first, but they learn quickly how delicious it is.  Once they start really eating well
we feed at approximately 2 pounds of Chaffhaye per 100 pounds of goat.

We also feed Chaffhaye to our bucks
Six months and older eat about one pound each.